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    We believe excellence begins with high standards.

    Stream is built on the idea that we can achieve the most ambitious of goals: to completely remove the uncertainty in transportation. To do so, we provide unparalleled service with an excellence-based culture.

    It demands certainty in our beliefs and a commitment to live out our standards.

    We believe in

    Standards are the way we live out our beliefs. Our standards are at the core of everything we do.

    These standards dictate how we recruit, hire, and promote our team members, as well as how we treat our clients and carriers.

    Our standards are not aspirations. They are realities, lived out everyday. They bind us together and are deeply personal to each of us at Stream.

    Stream Standards
    What you can expect from us
    We won't be the cheapest.
    Cheap rates demand sacrifices in performance. The Stream experience is one of superior quality. The value you receive from us far exceeds the cost you pay.
    We will practice information generosity.
    You need to know what's happening with your shipments. As your logistics concierge, we generously communicate so you always know what’s going on.
    We will give a sh*t.
    We often say we have a G.A.S. (Give a Sh*t) culture. The simple act of caring goes a long way. Not only do we care about your shipments but also about your family, your company, and your success.
    We will actively anticipate surprises.
    Our job is to make your job easy. We stay in close contact with everyone involved to minimize surprises. When we anticipate a challenge, we actively create solutions to avoid issues and to make you look good in the process.
    We are a resource to you, not just a service.
    How our office space embodies our standards