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    Chad Patton

    When Chad is in the room – any room – you know it. Everyone knows it. He captivates the attention of everyone around him like a gravitational pull.

    But if you were to think this is Chad’s only strength, you would be mistaken. Behind his undeniable charisma and charm is a born-and-bred Kansas farm boy who is never afraid to get his hands dirty – at least figuratively.

    And he does. Chad’s most recent accomplishment is growing Stream Logistics from the ground up with his business partner Carson.

    Stream Logistics won’t be the first, and certainly isn’t the last, of Chad’s many hard-fought achievements. Among them: moving across the country with all his belongings in his car, becoming a sought-after golf pro with multiple job offers and business prospects, and rebuilding his life and work after the hurricane of the 2008 recession hit him hard, joining a logistics company in sales – at the bottom – in an open-hearted desire to start again.

    Despite his accomplishments, Chad is two things you don’t often find in very driven individuals: he’s humble and extremely considerate. That springs from his core personal mission to help make the people around him their best.

    Also, his observational humor will have you in stitches, he’s fiercely loyal, and disciplined with his time and energy.

    Despite the polish and success, Chad is a real person with his own unique blend of quirk.

    When he discovers a new artist – especially if it’s country music – he’s all in. He has to know where the artist grew up, his musical influences and his entire background. The whole shebang.

    He has a sensitive nose and is never without hand sanitizer nearby. Some affectionately call him a germaphobe.

    And, never fold and crease a piece of paper when he’s in earshot. It’s his version of nails on a chalkboard, and you’ll see him recoil. Just, don’t do it.

    Carson Holmquist

    If you get Carson talking about systems, processes and procedures, he may never stop.

    Carson is considered the mastermind of Stream Logistics. Just as a brain serves as the control center for the entire body, Carson’s leadership and love for structure set the pace for the entire organization. Much of the success of Stream Logistics can be attributed to Carson’s meticulous attention to detail.

    Good thing he’s a man of exceptionally high integrity, too. As Chad put it, "I promise you, he’s never made an unethical decision in his life!".

    He’s been known to jot down every little idea in a notebook. Then, in classic Carson form, he forgets where he put the notebook. His co-workers have found them throughout the office and returned them to Carson while he endearingly laughs at himself.

    Carson once completely mapped out Stream’s proprietary software, from different commands, features, functions, the user experience and the desired output. When the software developer got his hands on Carson’s notes, it was the most detailed, articulate, thought-out direction he had ever seen. It was a glimpse into Carson’s precision.

    Peel back a layer to Carson and you’ll see there’s a method to his brand of madness: it’s to accomplish big, impossible things.

    Carson sees that making grand impacts – in life and his business – start with the teeny, tiny details. By Carson’s standards, those details need to be excellent (in pursuit of the big and impossible).

    When Carson isn’t pushing the limits in the logistics industry or motivating his people, he tends to be a bit private. You can find him fishing, woodworking in his garage or hanging with his wife, his high school sweetheart, and his two young boys.

    Oh, and he there’s one other thing he loves to talk about –the great entrepreneurs of our generation, like Elon Musk. We dare you to mention Tesla and see what happens.