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    July Dispatch

    Allison's Ask Away with special guests?Christian Smith and Angel Vargas

    and your host Allison Orshalick

    Welcome to our fifth episode of Allison's Ask Away!? This week we welcome not one but two special guests, Christian Smith of service team 3 and Angel Vargas of service team 1. Christian is part of the team that specializes in Over Dimensional and flatbed services. Angel specializes in LTL shipping and specialty shipping. In this episode, we will learn about what each of these teams does and how their teams support our full truckload services.

    Our Stream Logistics Stories

    Stream Summer
    How to Leverage the Slow Summer
    Here at Stream Logistics, we know first impressions make a lasting impact. It’s the main reason we constructed the Welcome Team, which is designed to help clients experience what makes our concierge services different from the rest.
    By Carson Holmquist
    Open letter Stream Logistics
    Stream Logistics Open Letter
    Dear warehouse managers, carriers, and truck drivers, we believe high standards are the logistics industry's next innovation, and we want you to be a part of it.
    By Carson Holmquist and Chad Patton
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