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    Full Time Tina
    Faces of the Brand | Jul 5, 2019

    As I was finishing up the last semester of my Supply Chain degree at Arizona State University, I decided to look for an internship to get my feet wet in logistics. I discovered Stream Logistics and their internship role through an ASU job board, where local companies are interested in students motivated to start their career. I decided to apply at Stream because they matched my personal and professional goals of making an impact and positively changing the logistics industry. One of Stream Logistics standards is, “We serve people not companies.” This is a principle that has resonated with me from a customer service standpoint. The first company I worked for was Nordstrom in Chicago, IL. Nordstrom is known for their exceptional customer service and one of my main goals is to carry that mentality throughout my career. The Stream Logistics standards and beliefs checked my boxes when it came to what I wanted in a company.

    When I first walked into Stream Logistics, I could sense the genuine and comforting office culture. I interviewed with the owners, Chad Patton and Carson Holmquist, and instantly felt they prioritize the happiness of their team members and wanted to invest in my future. It was not an ordinary interview where you feel as if you need to sell yourself. They wanted to know who I was as a person and what my internal drive was. Unlike other companies, I did not feel like I was being drilled with questions, but instead, it felt as though we were just having an open conversation. Chad and Carson explained that Stream Logistics encourages their team members to be the best version of themselves and to perform at a high standard.

    In my early days of being an intern at Stream Logistics, I was part of Service Team 1 which specializes in the most diverse modes of transportation, including LTL, partial truckloads, full truckloads, and international shipping. Since my team was well versed in all the different trailer types and modes of transportation, we were able to handle any requests that came our way. Service Team 1 taught me the ins and outs of the logistics industry as well as how we operate as a company. Starting off in LTL, I was exposed early to how much detail goes into one shipment. LTL shipments go from terminal to terminal, rather than a full truck shipment that goes from Point A to Point B. I quickly learned how crucial it was to stay on top of all my shipments and update our customers daily on the whereabouts of their product.

    It was a validating experience working in the industry while I was still in school. In the office, I was actually experiencing what I was learning in the classroom. While at Stream, I learned things they don’t teach you in school, like the importance of consistency and high quality work, which creates a strong brand for the company and an outstanding experience for our clients.?

    After I graduated, I was eager to continue my journey with the company and was offered a full-time position with Stream. Day in and day out, I always made sure to put my best foot forward and had a goal to make a positive impact daily. Our co-founder, Chad Patton, saw my motivation and the success I was achieving, and awarded me the nickname “Full-Time Tina”.

    As Stream Logistics began to grow, we wanted to create a team that would focus on the initial experience of new clients. We operate with the highest standards, so we wanted to create custom processes to ensure each client’s initial experience with Stream was 5-star.? Stemming from this idea, the “Welcome Team” was born. The Welcome Team was created and is composed of me and my colleague, Haley Lamb. We specialize in customer service and enforce a top of the line initial experience. We provide concierge service to all of our customers, as well as ensure all inquiries are taken care of while taking shipping stress off their plate. Our goal isn’t just to assist our customers with shipping, but also to generally make their lives easier and earn their trust that all opportunities they send our way will be handled properly.

    I chose to continue my path with Stream Logistics after college because going to work does not feel like a job, it feels like a career. I come to work excited to see my colleagues. I look forward to helping and assisting our clients and being part of a movement that is raising the standards of the logistics industry. I am thankful to have started my career at Stream Logistics, an innovative company that alleviates the obstacles in transportation and continues to challenge me every day.

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